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Bass Boats Canoes Kayaks topic

Skeg Motor Question
New guy with a question about rod size in a kayak/canoe.
Pics of my boat recarpeting job
Kayak under $300
trailer lights
Choosing a trolling motor (please read)
What Size Battery For Kayak
Engine Rpm Question
Butt Casting Seats?
How fast can you go?

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Central Bass Fishing topic

Quick name Texas's top 3 trophy lakes before reading
Big Bass Splash on Toledo Bend
Nebraska Bassers
Rayburn lately????
Lets Talk Calcasieu River
Wichita Area In Winter
2014 Fall Strip Pitt Classic
Richland Chambers?
What 5 setups for Table Rock in late April
Anybody Fishing Ponds/lakes In Eastern Iowa?

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Fishing Flea Market topic

3 ghost rods, and tw backpack full of lures
Cleaning Out All Of My Extra Stuff
Hard Baits, Worms, Grubs. Updated! Fast Shipping
Wtb Jig Rod
Tons of Tungsten for sale Green Pumpkin/Black/Plain from 1/32 to 2.5 oz
Winter Cleaning
ISO: swimbaits
shipping rods
Bnib Rapala And Storm Lots!!
Warning, Sort Of

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Fishing Reports topic

So I was unprepared for this fish
Your Biggest Skinniest Bass?
Weekend adventure on my pond
Frog Turds 2014 Season Has Begun...
My First Lmb
Finally my time has come. My PB
Temperature Don't Matter!
Pb Beard Strikes Again....
My Son's New Pb (Loxahatchee)

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Fishing Resumes topic

Sponsorship Do's & Don'ts
What it's going to take...
Any College Bass guys out there?
My Resume
Pro Staff needed
To all you fishermen looking for sponsors/pro staff positions...
A Tough Dilemma
Get a Grip

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Fishing Rods Reels Line Knots topic

Shimano Stradics Made In Japan Vs. Shimano Stradics Made In Malaysia
Daiwa Spinning Rods opinions
Lures snapping off while casting w/ braid
need some help
Swimbait Rod
Flick Shake rod...ML or M spinning rod
Medium Light vs Light
Chatterbait Reel Ratio - What do you use
Affordable Ned Rig Rod
The Advantages Of A Baitcaster

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Fishing Tackle topic

Wally world find
Best winter pond lures
Free hooks
Best lure for a 4 year old
Fish Eyes
What are some heavy bass lures?
Help Me Trying To Walk A Spro Frog Please?
Favorite Blade Bait?
Non Piercing Cull System
Best summer bass bait

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General Bass Fishing Forum topic

Your most impressive fishing streak?
My woes continue. Anyone else have this happen?
Any chance this bass survives?
What Recipe Do You Use For Cooking Fish ?
Welcome New Moderators!!
Search Baits
Ok here�s one
Time travel to 1973 classic, how would we do?
Farm Pond Heavy Grass Cover On Top

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Marine Electronics topic

how accurate are navionics topo maps
GRAPH GLASS ~ Updated Review Added
Help a newbie out.
DIY Kayak Battery Box
Best value Side imaging unit with bottom contour ability.
Humminbird Helix 5 or ?
Trying To Get Fish Finder Help Humminbird I Prefer
Where will it end?
Power Pole & Humminbird 1198 Installed On Bass Tracker
Fish Finders

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Northeast Bass Fishing topic

Wheres Good Near Buffalo? And Not Lake Erie
Southern Maine
MA banning lead in 2012
Northeast Spring Bass Fishing........doesn't Count.
Heading out today
Winter, Feels Almost Over; When Is It Time To Start Again?!
Recently moved to Milford PA
Near Scranton Pa
Sleepy Creek Lake, Wv

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Other Fish Species topic

Long lost Tuna pic found!!!
How Big Are Your Local Chain Pickerel
Florida Species Hunting
Record Rainbow
Catfish don't eat lures!
Islamorada, Fl Fishing
Deadly Trout Lures.
Pike Lures.
Identify This Fish - I'm Stumped!

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Rod Building and Custom Rods topic

Sensitivity Of Rodgeeks Carbon 4 Vs. St. Croix Sciv
a new stick for Roadwarrior
BFS Reel Seat
Rod Builders?
Let's discuss hook keepers
My Christmas Present From The Girl Friend
Custom Rod built Input needed
Latest Build
Batson Immortal/eternity Review/impressions
Custom Rod Question

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing topic

St. Croix Premier M or ML?
Very Upsetting Story
Fishing a Jerk Bait
shakey head jigs
Favorite blade bait
Smallmouth Addiction
Lake Erie VS Tennessee...Next WR Smallie
cranking for footballs
Smallmouth Bass and Topwater colors
Revamping My Dropshot.

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Southeast Bass Fishing topic

Who has what it takes in NO.VA
Fishing next Tuesday and Friday
Florida largemouth ??? HELP!!
Tanks In Miramar
Do I Suck At This?!?
Coming to Orlando
Lake Okeechobee.....i Love Her & I Hate Her
Value Jet Memorial In Miami,,, Good Or Bad Fishing???????
Hey Sofl Guys....been A While

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Tacklemaking topic

Got some more new pattern's painted up this week!
My "Chatterbait"
wood crankbaits
A couple cedar cranks
Another Clear Coat Question
New fishing LURE invention
Show off your custom jig creations
My first swimbaits
I 3D Printed A Injection Lure Mold
Make tungsten weights?

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Tournament Talk topic

Texas Cheater prosecuted, Update.
Elite Series - Lake Hartwell
Tourny Ethics?
Cheating vs not-ethical or neither
Tournament shirts
Non boater ethics??
Report from Birmingham - UPDATED!!
MLF 2018 starts Jan 6 2018! Oh Yeah!
The Defective Dink Board
unfair advantage?

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Western Bass Fishing topic

Southern California Lake Fees
Castaic Lagoon WHOPPER!
Lake Cachuma, California
Bad Bass fishing in California?
Clear Lake Hitch Is Now A Threatened Species
Anyone from Idaho?
NW Roadtrip Anyone?
San Diego/Inland Empire Bass Fishing Locations
Anybody From the Pacific Northwest?
El Dorado Park in Long Beach

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