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Best winter pond lures 2024

fishing user avatarBassfishnc18 reply : 

What are your best producing pond lures to use during the winter? I fish a lot in ponds that are <10 ft. And fishing slows down in the winter.

fishing user avatarOutdoor Zack reply : 

keep it simple:

5''  senko, t-rigged on a 3/0 hook. no weight

6'' finesse worm, t rigged.  little/no weight.

3'' grub on a 1/8 oz jighead


fishing user avatarYeajray231 reply : 

Small jig.. with a subtle trailer. worked so slowly it's almost boring. 

Small flutter spoon. good on everything in the pond. 

Light blade bait. 

Also a lipless crank . Id try both a rattle and no rattle. 

Drop shot with 4" worm 

fishing user avatarOklahoma Mike reply : 



Jerk baits (if the water clarity is decent)

fishing user avatarJustinJ reply : 

Paddle tail grub



fishing user avatarKDW96 reply : 

A good jig and a piece of Uncle Josh Pork, worked very slow.

40yr of cold weather experience, and it works every time :)

fishing user avatartrick worms reply : 

Shakey head

fishing user avatarBluebasser86 reply : 

Jerkbaits are about the only option in ponds here during the winter due to the amount of leaves and moss on the bottom of them. 

fishing user avatarMontanaro reply : 

Went yesterday...water temp 39 degrees.


Used a 3/8 green pumpkin jig and caught 5.  Didnt fish it super slow...just tossed it to rocks and wood and they usually hit on the slow fall.  Bottom is mucky but if i found laydowns or bush piles i could keep it off bottom and thats how i got bit.  Just lift and drop and pick up slack over rocks and branches....doesnt need to be super slow

fishing user avatartander reply : 

Plastics, small and worked slowly.

fishing user avatarscaleface reply : 

Light Marabou jigs .

fishing user avatar"hamma" reply : 

a light hair jig with a pork trailer, and a jerkbait, both floating and suspeding

fishing user avatarDerek black reply : 

A lipless crank works good in SC 

fishing user avatarKoz reply : 

I feel your pain. I haven't fished much at all this winter but the few times I went out to my regular spots I didn't even get a bite. So last week I tossed my iBobber out there and - nothing. Not a single fish in site.


This was in a lagoon that connects with a dozen or so other lagoons through the stormwater system. So there's a good chance that most of the bass have most likely moved to areas with a better food supply for the winter. Cover is about the same at all of these lagoons and there's no feeder stream where they might congregate.


Or maybe it's as simple as the bass in my area are more sensitive to feeding at certain times of the day in the colder months. Whatever the reason, I never took the time to figure it out. Maybe next winter I'll take the time to try and figure it out. But if history is any indication, in the next 1-2 weeks the bass will start getting really active around here during the pre-spawn. I can't wait!

fishing user avatarWeedless reply : 

Ice skates, stick, puck, friends, bonfire, and cooler.

fishing user avatarFishDewd reply : 

Since it hasn't been mentioned: tubes. Everything bites tubes. Weightless t-rigged, or with a small 1/16-1/8th jig depending on the size of the tube. Can even use the Z man ones on a small ned rig and let them pop along the bottom.

fishing user avatarnewriverfisherman1953 reply : 

Almost anything small and slow. Don’t over think the baits. Concentrate on the presentation. 

fishing user avatarBassWhole! reply : 

Blade and JB. If it's not too cold out, a finesse  plastic something, but usually not.

fishing user avatarCzorn reply : 

Motor oil finesse worm with a little jj on the tail. Drop shot or Shakey head. Very little movement, I mostly just drag slowly. 

fishing user avatarKing_Nick???????? reply : 

Use Spinner Baits and use minnows also try a dropshot pumpkin trick worm 

fishing user avatarfishwizzard reply : 

A smaller swimjig slowly reeled past cover or weightless trickworm are my go-tos for most of my winter ponds, they all have too much hard cover for treble hooks or line-line presentstions. A few of them are open enough for a dropshot, then I use a 6” Robo or 3” paddletail with a short dropper.  I cast and slowly retrieve it, only stopping it when the weight hangs on something.  

fishing user avatarBankbeater reply : 

Jigs, lipless crankbaits, bladed jigs, and a baby brush hog.  That is if the water isn't ice.

fishing user avatarFishTank reply : 

Anything that I can fish slow...



Suspending Jerkbaits



fishing user avatarPhishLI reply : 

Every bit of action I've had this winter in my shallow waters has been on these two lures, except for one pickeral on a worm. Shadow Rap 11 in Perch and the IMA Suspending Lipless. Both fished with slow jerks and long pauses and drops to the bottom. I've tried everything else wintery that I've read or heard about using every cadence I could think of while frozen stiff. Zilcho.



fishing user avatarDrew03cmc reply : 
  On 12/5/2016 at 7:06 PM, Bluebasser86 said:

Jerkbaits are about the only option in ponds here during the winter due to the amount of leaves and moss on the bottom of them. 

That is no lie. I'm going to go try a weightless Trick Worm next time my local water is ice free. I toss jerkbaits, but have zero confidence in them and often dredge bottom, even with a Pointer 78SP. I'll be using my M spin rod for the Trick Worm. Any color suggestions guys?

fishing user avatarjohnmyers reply : 

Ned rig might surprise you


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