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Best lure for a 4 year old 2024

fishing user avatarPintail55 reply : 

I know this sounds like a dumb question so just bear with me. My son is almost 4 years old and he just loves to fish. He has a few of his own rod and reels and is very efficent at casting and getting fish into the boat (he practices everyday and is better than some people ive seen on the bank). My problem is I've had him throwing a weedless frog. One for saftey and also he can't always guide his casts so this eliminates snags and tangles. He hits a lot of fish on his frog (sometimes more than dad) but as you all know landing a fish on a frog is an art. He fights the fish for a little while then they just spit it out. Just curious if anyone has found a somewhat safe lure (he's only 4 so you don't always know were its going) plus something that is farly snag proof, that has a little better hook up ratio. Really would like something without the hooks exposed like the frogs. Thanks guys.

PS. I always thought there wasn't anything better than nailing a big ol' bucketmouth. Until you see your kids catch one, PRICELESS.



fishing user avatarSwampMan reply : 

I'd think any sort of texas rigged worm would be alright.  Maybe a senko as they catch a lot of fish.  Other than that I can't think of much!

fishing user avatarGotta Love It reply : 

Sorry to turn your question around but this is cool! Your 4 year old nails LMB on a weedless frog? He casts himself, sets the hook and reels in fish? Awesome! What is his rod/reel setup? My 4 year old (daughter) would rather play with nightcrawlers (when we fish with live bait) or plastic lizards than fish...

Back on topic... I think anything T'rigged as SB said... He may surprise with what he can fish!  Maybe you can experiment with different lures and see what he likes to fish and what he can actually catch fish on and not hurt you or himself...  Anyway, it sounds like a great/positive experience for both of you!!!  :)

fishing user avatarBucketmouthAngler13 reply : 

how about a spinnerbait? They are basicly snagless, come out of trees very well, basicly the safest lure that isn't a weedless frog or plastic, they are cheap,  easy to use, get great hook-ups, and catch loads of fish! Whats not to love?

When I take newbies fishing, the spinnerbait is the first lure I tie on for them. Heck, a 4yr old that can run a spinnerbait can outfish a pro using anything else if the conditions are right.

Good luck. :)


fishing user avatarPintail55 reply : 

Yeah I've thought of texas rigging a worm. I just feel so safe with the frog as the hooks are self contained. I'll give it a try and see how he does.

Gotta love it: It is very neat to see. Hes not quite 4 years old yet and he is totally rocks it. I tie on his frog and he will cast reel and land the fish all himself. I do help him a little most of the time when he catches one to get the fish off and back into the water. The best part to watch is when we bank fish he will just go of and starting working his way down the bank until he finds the fish, its really cool to watch. You do however need to look out behind him when he casts beacuase he will take your head off :) and when were in the Nitro the faster and the rougher the ride the more he likes it but my wife and daughter on the other hand well you know. Also I'm usally ready to go before he is, I think he would fish all day if he could.

Who knows maybe Ranger or Bass Pro need a 4 year old sponser ;D

fishing user avatarRob G. reply : 

My Father started me out with a Johnson Silver minnow tipped w/ an Uncle Josh's Pork Chunk.  Pretty versatile, can be fished on the surface or submerged.  Pretty darned weedless and only one hook to worry about.  

fishing user avatarShakes reply : 

I want to start by saying that what you're doing is a great thing. It's great that he loves it too. My son is 10 months old and I can't wait until he's old enough to go with me. I hope he loves it as much as your little one. Cherish it.

I think a buzzbait is the way to go with him as young as he is. With the blade as big as it is, its difficult to hang it up. He'll really enjoy fishing with it, and watching it go across the water. Hook sets wont be a problem, and he can make a lot of casts. It'll improve his skills, and land more fish.

Have fun and love every minute.

fishing user avatarcart7t reply : 

I'd go with a beetle spin.  Catches bass or bluegill and the catchin is really what's important at that age.

Another good lure, though it's not great in the snag free department is a rooster tail.  Great for bass and bluegill.

fishing user avatarCephkiller reply : 

I vote for the T-Rigged Senko.  My kids have fished these since they were that age and they have done pretty well.  The bass tend to not let go of them so the hook set is not a big factor and they are very safe.  I have been hit in the head with them dozens of times  ;D  Also, even if the kid is just screwing around, he's likely to get bit if the bait's in the water (in other words, you can't fish them wrong).

fishing user avatarOther. reply : 

I would say any plastic T-rig. Since there weedless the hook is not really exposed he wont get poked by the hook. I honestly don't know how far a 4 year old can throw a weightless T-rig worm so i would suggest weighting it with a bullet weight. Mastering a T-rig at 4 years old will be tough but once he learns how to use it effectively you will see his fishing skills increase. I wish I started fishing with plastics at age 4, your son will thank you one day for letting him fish with something more challenging.  

fishing user avatarMatt Fly reply : 

My Dad introduced me to "pluggin" with a topwater.     A Lucky 13 to be exact.    With the upcoming post-spawn bite fixing to be on like Donkey Kong in the southern states.    A PopR or buzz bait might do the trick.

Good luck


fishing user avatarPond-Pro reply : 

A pre-rigged worm, like a bass stopper. Weedles version.  :)

fishing user avatarJT Bagwell reply : 

Best bait for a 4 year old is a Texas Rigged (weightless) 5" Yamamoto Senko.

JT Bagwell

fishing user avatarDan: reply : 

I agree with everyone else who has recommended a texas rig. One hook (buried in plastic so it's not a big threat to passersby), easy to cast, not a difficult technique, and it will catch fish. Also, if he can set hooks well, a t-rig is probably one of the better hookup:catch ratios out there.

fishing user avatarShad_Master reply : 

When my son was 6 I hired a guide to take us fishing on Table Rock - I told him I didn't care if I got bit but wanted to be sure that my son caught some fish.  He set him up with a drop shot rig - this was the first time I had ever seen one and at first though the guide didn't know what he was doing.  But we all caught fish and had a great day.  After that, I would always set my son up this way and it helped him build his confidence.  Then we moved to T-rigged and finally spinner baits and cranks.  You might want to give it a try.

fishing user avatargenie reply : 

Hard to go wrong with K&E 3-hook work in purple with a white dot.

fishing user avatarguest reply : 

I would go with the dropshot fished with a zoom finesse in green pumpkin.  

the only twist I would add is to use a circle hook.  This way all he has to do is reel to hook the fish.

I remember taking my kids out when they were little.


fishing user avatarllPa1nll reply : 

No doubt about it a pre-rigged worm with maybe weedless hooks. I used to fish Kelly's pre-rigged worms, when I was a kid. These are deadly fish catchers. The "Pier Boy Special Series" catch just about anything that swims from crappie, perch, sunfish, pickerel, LM Bass, SM Bass. They come in all sorts of sizes and colors as well. You can get a better look at them here.

fishing user avatar.ghoti. reply : 

cart7 beat me to the punch. A beetlespin or a roadrunner.

Awesome job with the youngster. You're building a lifetime of good memories.



fishing user avatarLakeAnnaBasser reply : 

id say a spinnerbait because when a fish hits it he will kno also they are very snagproof..... If you give him a texas rigged wprm he may not know what the bite i like if hes used to a reaction strike lure..

fishing user avatarCaptain Underpants reply : 

The Johnson Beetlespin...easiest to fish, #1 to the bass. :)

fishing user avatarrboat reply : 

Let him throw a small yellow rooster tail spinner. It is not snagless, however it is easy to fish and will catch almost every freshwater species. In one day, I personally saw a guy catch 5 species out of one small farm pond.

fishing user avatardoog reply : 
I'd go with a beetle spin. Catches bass or bluegill and the catchin is really what's important at that age.

Another good lure, though it's not great in the snag free department is a rooster tail. Great for bass and bluegill.

i agree on the beetle spin ive caught anything from pumpkinseed to this one 4lbs+ largemouth the perfect lure for a 4 year old

fishing user avatarGotta Love It reply : 


You inspired me to take my 4 year old daughter to the pond down the street.  I tied a small storm 3" shad on her push button shakespeare combo (after I hooked a crappie and a bluegill for her to reel in on a beetle spin).   She was persistent in wanting to cast by herself so I gave her the storm bait mentioned above.  To my amazement, she was casting to the middle of the lake.  I mentioned several times how good she was doing.  After ten minutes, she turned to me and said, "Daddy, does it make you feel bad that your 4 year old daughter casts better than her daddy?"  I laughed sooooo hard!  Anyway, she didn't catch anything but she has asked several times to fish this weekend!  I can't wait til she hooks up with her first bass on an artificial!



fishing user avatarcaptaininsaneo reply : 

rooster tail hands down.  No matter what the kid does there is a chance he will catch some sort of fish on every cast.  

fishing user avatarFedxpress reply : 

I would go with a chatter style bait. My son catches the fire out of them with it. He uses a Zebco 303 and just reels it in. When the fish hits it they pretty much hook themselves.



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