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Lures snapping off while casting w/ braid 2024

fishing user avatarSkeeloco reply : 

I recently switched to 20 braid on my Shimano Casitas reel since mono has been coiling up too much on me. It's been working well, other than lures snapping off and flying into the middle of the river. I'll throw the cast, get a minor backlash or sometimes none, loud snap and adios lure. Not more than a foot of line out of my rod tip. What I think is happening is the thumb bar is somehow re-engaging on me. Seems to mostly happen when I'm giving a little extra 'oomph' to the cast to try and get some more distance. I do have a cheap rod, a Shimano Sojourn, but it seems to be exactly what I need for my jerking setup. Is it possible it's not loading the line correctly? It is two piece but I make sure the eyelets are lined up regularly. Stumped. Last year I was losing all my jerkbaits to snags, now I'm just throwing them out into the middle of the river <_<.

fishing user avatarflyfisher reply : 

Braid in general doesn't have any shock resistance and combine that with it being 20lb, which is pretty thin, and any shock to the system will undoubtedly break the line.  

You say you think the thumb bar is engaging on the cast.  that is pretty easy to check after the cast because the reel will be engaged.  Yo are probably bumping the handle or something in the cast or if you transition from one hand to the other mid cast like many do you could be buying the handle enough to engage the reel. 

Backlash, well that is what it is.

I would say bump up to 30lb braid and see if that fixes your problem and also next time it happens, check the reel to see if it as engaged.


Good luck because i know it is frustrating....

fishing user avatar3crows reply : 

You would probably be better off with 50 pound braided line, maybe 40 pound. The line is probably digging in on itself and then when the spool hits these snags, pop goes your line and away goes your lure. 

fishing user avatarKTinman86 reply : 

If you were engaging the reel as you cast, you'd know it, so that's not the problem. First, make sure your reel is set properly before casting so you don't get backlashes (adjust spool tension knob first and then fine-tune magnetic or centrifugal brakes). Second, when you try and make a long cast be smooth, accelerate to gain rod speed instead of muscling it and feather the spool as the bait is nearing its target. Speed is the key to a long cast and you achieve it by being loose not tense. Also, 20lb braid can cut into itself when getting a bad backlash, so you may be getting small abrasions on the line which is contributing to it snapping, so when picking out a backlash, pick it out slowly and never pull hard on it, it'll only make it worse and it'll damage the line, too. Your rod would not cause you line to break unless one of your guides is damaged. You can check by running a Q-Tip through them and if it's grabbing cotton, you've got a bad guide. And, for a jerkbait setup, you definitely don't want to go heavier than 20 - 30lb braid, whether you're talking soft or hard baits. Day in and day out, the best line for jerkbaits is fluorocarbon, so give it a try. 

fishing user avatarOkobojiEagle reply : 

I would first try to smooth out your cast by not launching your bait with so much "oomph".  You may be wrapping the line around your rod tip when you are casting so hard.




fishing user avatarTywithay reply : 

Thin braid digs into the spool. Especially if you're using the slick coated braids, or super thin 8 carrier braids. I prefer braid that has at least 12# diameter (keyword: diameter, not breaking strength), especially if you're really whipping lures out there. People typically try to get super distance with cranks and jerks, so that only adds fuel to the fire, because it's putting that much more load on the line. The reason it breaks was mentioned earlier, braid has relatively crappy shock strength. You can pull in a log, but if you yank it really quickly, it snaps pretty easily. 

fishing user avatarMickD reply : 

I'm betting your tiptop is cracked.  Be sure to do what Ktinman86 suggests with the Qtip before making other changes.  If it is cracked and you don't replace it nothing else will solve the problem.

fishing user avatarStan Smith reply : 

Im using 20 and 30 lbs braid on all my rods. I have them set up like this to help with the very problem you are experiencing. First make sure you have a mono backer of some type. If you have a spool full of soft braid this is only making an environment where braid can dig into itself. to best solve this braid snapping problem you probably want no more than 80 yards or so of braid with the rest being tied to a monofilament backing. ALSO, this is big. I know everyone wants maximum sensitivity but i have found that about 10 feet of mono leader has lots of benefits. I usually use about 6 feet or so of 12 to 15 lbs test. This mono leader helps by giving you a shock absorber on the end of your line. This will soak up the extra shock associated with backlashing braided lines and keep you lure attached to your line. This also will help in keeping you from setting the hook to hard and jerking the lure out of the fishes' mouth. with the mono leader set up, i tie it to the braid using an FG knot. This setup used with the advice of developing a smoother cast should solve you problems. Nothing cast like a properly setup bait caster IF you know how to cast one properly. Its a smooth deliberate cast not a muscle up and chunk it cast. Unless you are chunking crank baits for maximum distance, with the correct casting technique i think 90 percent of all cast can be made by just using the strength in your wrist.

fishing user avatarQuarry Man reply : 

braid has no stretch, 20 lb is pretty weak for braid. I also use 15 lb braid on my casting reel, I have experienced this. try the palomar knot.

fishing user avatarMickD reply : 
  On 9/6/2017 at 4:14 AM, Quarry Man said:

braid has no stretch, 20 lb is pretty weak for braid. I also use 15 lb braid on my casting reel, I have experienced this. try the palomar knot.

If it's breaking just beyond the tip the knot is not the issue.  I suggested being very sure that the tiptop was not cracked because if it's breaking near the tiptop every time, then the usual culprits most likely are not the cause.  If the knot were the problem it would break at the knot. If the knot was good it still should break at the knot.  If it does not, something else is at work here.   I agree that the 20 lb is too low for a casting outfit.

fishing user avatarSkeeloco reply : 

Checked my guides and they same to be fine. I'd really like to believe it's the light braid, but I just realized that the same thing happened to me a couple months ago while using mono. That time my lure snapped off and went flying into the river along with the top piece of my rod. I was very lucky to be able to retrieve them both. I do not currently use backing with the braid but this is definitely considering it as I've heard about it before. I was previously using a mono leader but double uni knot was failing me so I'll have to look into FG knot.


Still not convinced it's the braid doing it though since it happened to me once with mono. I'm not new to baitcasting but I'm not an expert either. I really think that my best option might just be to try a different reel or possibly rod.

fishing user avatarXpressJeff reply : 

Do not cast a heavier lure for a long time without re-tying either.


I use 20# braid all the time without issues.


You've got a whole lot of good information here with many ideas.


Be smooth, and check your gear.


Just $ 0.02 from an old fat guy, GOOD LUCK!

fishing user avatarTurkey sandwich reply : 

If the guides are ok, but this is a consistent issue, it likely comes down to 1) the knot to your lure 2) braid not being super abrasion resistant and taking damage from rocks/trees/etc 3)super thing diameter line digging into your spool and causing havoc 4) casting form being off.


I think the easiest fix is to upgrade to 30lb line and see if this corrects the problem.  It's much less likely to dig into itself while fighting fish or during a backlash.  Also, if you're tying straight to the lure, make sure to use a knot that isn't going to slip like a Palomar knot.  If this is happening after hours or days of having the same lure tied on, there's a good chance the braid is getting thrashed on cover, and a leader is a very simple solution.  The last, and a big contributor to these kinds of issues has to do with not feathering a spool/setting your brakes properly, overpowering your cast, shocking the rod when you cast (not a smooth acceleration and release), etc.  This is fixed with some simple back yard target practice.  


If I were to start, I'd look at the knot first, then check the line for abrasion near the lure (solve with leader), next cast in the yard or field for a while and pay attention to backlashes, and finally, if you still have this problem, get 30lb braid on your reel so the line will be more manageable.  

fishing user avatarBluebasser86 reply : 

I use 20lb braid on a couple casting issues and haven't had the same problem. You need to make smooth cast and try to avoid whip casting a bait. 20lb braid cast very easily, shouldn't need to put a whole lot on a cast to get it out very far. 

fishing user avatarNHBull reply : 

The line isn't the problem.

Heck, I have 10 pound on a caster and never had those issues.


Early on I had similar problems and it was in my technique 

fishing user avatarSummertimeCarl reply : 

I also use light braid and had the same problem last year.  I had the problem with both Suffix Braid on a baitcasting rod and Kastking braid on a spinning rod even.  I'm still not 100% sure this was my problem, but I started to cut off about 3'-4' of line every time I changed lures instead of my normal 6"-1'.  Since then I haven't had the same problem, so either I was originally leaving line on that had gotten damaged from rocks and trees, or in the time that I made that change I also corrected my casting form.


Either way, hope you can find the problem fast.  No worse feeling than tying on a brand new lure and throwing it all the way to the other side of the river with no way to access it like I did.  

fishing user avatarbagofdonuts reply : 

Braid does dig in after you catch a fish or pull hard to free from a snag. Be sure to strip off some line and reel it back on without the resistance before casting again. I bet your hitting a spot where the braid has dug in causing an abrupt stop and line break.

fishing user avatarSkeeloco reply : 

Really do believe it's my technique. I've been using spinning setups the majority of my life some I'm accustomed to whipping casts. Going to have to try smoothing out my acceleration. I'll also remember to check and see if line is digging into spool. Thanks guys.

fishing user avatarKawarthaAngler reply : 

I've had this happen, even on 50lb braid (which I use for punching mats).


Now I re-tie my lures when I go out fishing ... if it is a lure/hook that I used a fair amount the last time I went out.

Since re-tying lures/hooks when I go out, I've not had the issue.

fishing user avatarDroneFisher reply : 

I would also check your line guides. If they are chipped or cracked then that could be causing friction. Trust me, it has happened to me plenty of times :(

fishing user avatardeaknh03 reply : 

If your line digs in, even a little, or if you have even a slight kink in your line, when you try to cast full force, the slight resistance will break the lure off every time. 

fishing user avatarAnspath reply : 

I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts and wonder what you suggest for my two children who are new to fishing. We bought braid on the suggestion of our local store due to the original mono not staying on the reel, and now the braid is snapping and they lost close to a dozen lures in one weekend alone. Looking forward to suggestions.  

fishing user avatarfishwizzard reply : 
  On 8/9/2019 at 7:43 PM, Anspath said:

I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts and wonder what you suggest for my two children who are new to fishing. We bought braid on the suggestion of our local store due to the original mono not staying on the reel, and now the braid is snapping and they lost close to a dozen lures in one weekend alone. Looking forward to suggestions.  

If you are having break-offs with braid on a spinning reels then I would look to see if the bails are snapping shut on the cast.   I have a 4oz Kastmaster in low orbit when the bail shut mid-cast on my surf rod. 

fishing user avatarBassWhole! reply : 

Not the Sojourn, the guy holding it. What you are experiencing is not uncommon when braid digs in. Thinner, rounder, newer braid makes it worse, which is why you'll hear "use heavier braid" as a solution a lot, and while this will certainly help, it is just covering up for a lack of casting ability, combined with too loose brakes. One of the reasons I favor 4 carrier braid, is that when broken in, it is less prone to digging in than 8 carrier ones.

fishing user avatarJ Francho reply : 

I once gad 50# braid break off on a bomb cast.  I was throwing a frog in some pretty nasty reeds, pads, and slop.  I had not retied after several fish and several hours of fishing.  I noticed the braid was getting pretty frayed where it broke off.  It's something I pay attention to now, and hasn't happened since with that heavy a line.

fishing user avatarBassNJake reply : 
  On 8/9/2019 at 7:43 PM, Anspath said:

I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts and wonder what you suggest for my two children who are new to fishing. We bought braid on the suggestion of our local store due to the original mono not staying on the reel, and now the braid is snapping and they lost close to a dozen lures in one weekend alone. Looking forward to suggestions.  

Some knots seem to give people issues when using braid.

Make sure the knots are pulled tight and leave a little extra tag end.

This way you can eliminate the knot as a possible point of failure.



I have casted off a few lures using lighter braid, a heavier lure and a whippy rod.

However, my casts resembled attempts to break the worlds longest cast record.



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