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Pb Beard Strikes Again.... 2024

fishing user avatarBrian Needham reply : 

well we had a good weekend forecast this weekend and I had a new trolling motor, so fishing I went........



got up at 3 30am and headed to Pickwick. going it alone........about half way there I realized

I left my scale on desk in the shop.


I had that sinking feeling, I just new I was going to catch something big without my scale. trying to calm myself I thought I had an extra one stashed in the boat.......again, no joy.


pressing on, I launch...... new software on the humminbirds didn't work, so I reinstalled some older software.


pressing on, seeing no baitfish, after the massive shad kill I move to a spot  near I caught good fish too.



Classic spot to fish with warming water, long rocky point with scattered grass, with a secondary point leading into a spawning cove. 3 foot on top dropping back into to 15, then 25 foot.


Throwing big hammer up on top and slow rolling it then letting it fall off the ledge.

Pausing it one time I reeled up some slack..... I thought it might have hung up in grass, I ripped it out...... quickly realizing it wasn't grass since it never budged..........IT WAS A HORSE!!!!


the fight escaladed quickly, with my Dobyns 735 and Lews TP spooled up with 20# tatsu being the victor!

After a few runs I led the beast around the trolling motor to the other side so I could lip at the side of the boat......... not only did I forget my scale, but I never replaced my net when it blew out of the boat last fall!


lifting it into the boat I felt sure it was a new PB, the fish was heavy, thick and heavy..... admiring the catch I put it into the livewell until I could find some in with a scale.

About an hour later, I found someone idling by with a scale and weight and photo the fish.


woke up this morning and shaved the beard.......... an accomplishment in its own right! the beard might have weighed more than this 6 pound 10 ounce donkey!




fishing user avatarlivetofish28 reply : 

Awesome today was good for me as well with the cold front the must have been feeding

Tight lines


fishing user avatarDarren. reply : 

Awesome catch!

fishing user avatargripnrip reply : 

You shaved the beard after that?  CRAZY!  nice fish tho!

fishing user avatarWbeadlescomb reply : 

That's awesome

fishing user avatarDwight Hottle reply : 

The razor industry thanks you. WTG on the new PB.

fishing user avatarAK-Jax86 reply : 

Nice fish congrats on the PB nice write up too

fishing user avatarmnbassman23 reply : 

Good looking chunk right there

fishing user avatarA-Jay reply : 

Congrats on the New Personal Best Bass Brian ! . ! . !


And since it's so early in this 2014 season, you have plenty of time to get another one . . . .


Nice Job . . . .





fishing user avatarFrog Turds reply : 

nice work man!!  glad you found a scale and murphys law didn't completely bite you in the ass and made you always wonder what it was ;)

fishing user avatarA-Jay reply : 

Speaking of PB Beards -


This could be your new theme song


Oh wait, you said you shaved . . . . . never mind.





fishing user avatarTeal reply : 

Good job Brian

fishing user avatarRoLo reply : 

Congratulations on your new Personal Best  :thumbsup_blue:



fishing user avatarBrian Needham reply : 

A-Jay..... there is plenty of time to grow 'nother....

fishing user avatarA-Jay reply : 
  On 3/3/2014 at 12:23 PM, Brian Needham said:

A-Jay..... there is plenty of time to grow 'nother....


I would encourage you to do so -


Look how nicely this one worked out.


I grow one every winter and it keeps coming in greyer and greyer  . . . so off it comes . . . .



fishing user avatargripnrip reply : 

I shaved mine after deer season. As soon as the first whiff of cold air, I felt like putting an old lady scarf over my face.  

fishing user avatarBrian Needham reply : 
  On 3/3/2014 at 12:38 PM, gripnrip said:

I shaved mine after deer season. As soon as the first whiff of cold air, I felt like putting an old lady scarf over my face.  



that's gonna be me in the morning!

fishing user avatarroadwarrior reply : 







fishing user avatarSPEEDBEAD. reply : 

I do not condone the last part of your story.


The shame....







Nice fish though. ;)

fishing user avatarSiebert Outdoors reply : 

Thats a dandy.  Congrats.

fishing user avatarGrizzn N Bassin reply : 

Congrats man nice fish!

fishing user avatarbuzzed bait reply : 

nice fish.  glad you found a scale to verify too!

fishing user avatarboostr reply : 

Looking good in the hat and shades. Nice Hawg

fishing user avatarhookset on 3 reply : 

Congratulations on the PB lunker.


That Beard gave you that Jeremiah Johnson look.  It's def. Swag.

fishing user avatarBassThumbAddict reply : 

Good catch man. There's a lot of year left keep that razor humming!

fishing user avatarbig poppa reply : 

Nice Catch. 



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