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My Son's New Pb (Loxahatchee) 2024

fishing user avatarpiscicidal reply : 

Went out this morning for a few hours with my son. He wanted to go to Okeechobee, but I wasn't sure if the weather was going to hold out so we went to nearby Loxahatchee Preserve, instead.

Arrived about half hour after safe light and started fishing. My third cast of the morning yielded a 4lber...About five minutes later my son is cranking in his topwater frog and I hear a tremendous splash...I look and his bait is gone in a big swirl. I yell at him to set the hook which he does. Instantly his medium action spinning rod doubles over and a huge mouth comes out of the water churning back and forth. Oh-oh.... But, he fought it like a champ, wrestled it out of the weeds a couple times and got her boat side where I grabbed it.

Weight was 6.80 lbs...besting his PB by over a pound. At six and a half years old he has now caught a bass bigger than his age twice.

We went on to have a tremendous morning of fishing...I had the boat back on the trailer at 10:00 with 15 bass, at least half of those over three, including three over four, and the 6.80. Easily 21-22lb bag in about three hours fishing. I left them last two fish were a 4.0 and a 4.5. My son saw my fish getting bigger and I think he wanted to go home while he still had me beat (which I was glad to do).


fishing user avatarBamaBassChaser reply : 

Congrats to the little man, that's a nice fish!

fishing user avatarCaptain Shane Procell reply : 

Mike that is awesome!! Congratulations to the young man.

fishing user avatarNCbassmaster4Life reply : 


fishing user avatarGoose52 reply : 

VERY COOL! That's a lifetime memory there!!

Congrats to you both... :thumbsup:

fishing user avatarBassHunter954 reply : 

Nice catch lil buddy.. keep them comig your son is catching bigger then you lol watch out hes taking over on his pops..

fishing user avatarBig-O reply : 

Congrats to you both and his smile says it all...Great post and photo!

fishing user avatarDiggy reply : 

Awesome, I need to be at his level. Lucky guy!

fishing user avatartopwaterrob reply : 

Great fish & picture....

fishing user avatarBassn Blvd reply : 

That is B A double D to the bone. Congrats to your son.

fishing user avatarGeorge Welcome reply : 

Fantastic catch!

fishing user avatarGotfishyfingers? reply : 

Way to go! :respect-059: Good job putting him on fish. I wish I was catching bass that size at that age. Does he fish any of the local youth tourneys? catching fish that size, it might be something to think about.

fishing user avatarBankbeater reply : 

That's a nice bass. He did a good job.

fishing user avatarGLADES reply : 

Congrats to your son..that bass is a trophy coming out of Lox. :respect-059:

fishing user avatarwrat reply : 

very nice..good to see Lox produce!

fishing user avatarCrookedneck reply : 

That is awesome to see!!! Good job to both Dad and Kid!

fishing user avatarpiscicidal reply : 

Thanks everybody. Luke will be thrilled to read all the encouraging comments.

He's becoming a pretty good fisherman. Absolutely loves topwater fishing and peacock bass fishing. Catching peacock on a tiny torpedo is probably his favorite thing to do. Refuses to use senkos now...LOL.

No tournaments or anything like that for him...just trying my best to keep it fun right now. If he wants to do that stuff as he gets older, I'll support him.

fishing user avatarTim Cianciola reply : 

man thats great, love seeing kids fish and catching. i take my 4 yr old daughter with me and she loves it. heck my best is only 5 lbs lol nice fish

fishing user avatarbocabasser reply : 

right on!

fishing user avatarSoFlaBassAddict reply : 

Awesome Mike!! Bet he had a great big kool aid smile on for the rest of the day. :D

Sounds like Lox is starting to heat up.

fishing user avatarDwight Hottle reply : 

Hey Mike you know what he is going to do when he hits ten! Congrats to you both.

fishing user avatarpiscicidal reply : 

Haha....good point! He'll get his DD before me, I am guessing!

fishing user avatarLgMouthGambler reply : 

Good stuff Mike. Congrats to the kid!

fishing user avatarMrs. Matstone reply : 

Great post and pic, Congrats to him! :D

fishing user avatarNodda4me reply : 

Nice big fish. What frog did he catch it on?

fishing user avatarBroke bass fisherman reply : 

Congrats to the little man. That is an impressive day of fishing.


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