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My First Lmb 2024

fishing user avatarjbw252 reply : 

WooHoo - I'm new to freshwater fishing & I caught my first LMB at a local lake, using a jig made by Mike Siebert.  Thanks Mike! post-45889-0-70895000-1399149054_thumb.j

fishing user avatarWolfyBrandon reply : 

Congrats! Nice Fish.



fishing user avatargeorgeyew reply : 

Wow, your first bass was on a jig!! You are way ahead of the curve.

fishing user avatarBamaBassChaser reply : 


fishing user avatarBruce424 reply : 

Alright!! Nice!!

fishing user avatarCatt reply : 

You hooked! ;)

fishing user avatarporkleaker reply : 

Congrats! Addicted yet? lol

fishing user avatarskeeter1980 reply : 

Nice first fish.

fishing user avatarMccallister25 reply : 

Thts a nice one to be your first!

fishing user avatarKoofy Smacker reply : 

I can assure you they all wont be that big. Congrats!

fishing user avatarfishinthedacks reply : 

That is all I have caught on this year so far is Mikes spinners/jigs.

fishing user avatarBluebasser86 reply : 

First bass ever and you caught it on a jig? I bet you're one of only a handful of people who can say that! Congrats on the first of many!

fishing user avatarjbw252 reply : 

Thanks for all of the responses.  BR is a great community.

fishing user avatarShane J reply : 

That is awesome! Keep on em!

fishing user avatarMaico1 reply : 

Congrats on your first and certainly not your last....

fishing user avatarAlonerankin2 reply : 

Nicely done!! Gotta love a big ole jig fish!

Now for scene 2...... Or Encore!

fishing user avatardreamertino reply : 

Congrats and nice jig fish

fishing user avatarB@ssCrzy reply : 

Wow!!! Nice first LMB. Way to go.

fishing user avatarboostr reply : 

It's like lake crack, it's calling your name man.

fishing user avatarFelix77 reply : 

Congrats ... I remember my 1st bass 2 years ago!  Here's to many, many more!

fishing user avatarZach Dunham reply : 

That's a great start!

fishing user avatarBankbeater reply : 

Dang, you are a fast learner! Good Job!

fishing user avatarjbw252 reply : 

Thanks all.  I'm going to try to get back out there this weekend!  Work sucks...

fishing user avatarBR1AN reply : 

^bad day of fishing is better than a good at work!


congrats on the first LM its a nice one, many more to come!

fishing user avatarmissouribigbass reply : 

Is that coyote hunting Mike?

fishing user avatarDarren. reply : 

Fantastic! And on a jig, nonetheless!!


Welcome to the addiction.


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