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Long lost Tuna pic found!!! 2024

fishing user avatarLow_Budget_Hooker reply : 


This is the first pic in a series of 2.  many of you have seen the one I have blown up on my wall at the house.


Well, this pic was taken when my buddy dropped his mate off on my boat to help us get this one over the gunnel (we needed a 3rd person for this one).  As he drifted off, he clicked 2 pics.  For a long time, the first pic has been missing.  FOUND IT!!!!


fishing user avatarroadwarrior reply : 

Man, if I had that option I think I might leave the little green and brown fish alone!

I guessing...well...definitely over 6 lbs.    :o


fishing user avatarLow_Budget_Hooker reply : 

and definitely over $6/lb too!!  ;):D

Funny story.  When they prep the fish for shipping, the head comes off.  There are 2 loins that run up the neck into the head.  These 2 loins, when taken from a decent fish usually rank as at least a grade B- so many captains will retrieve these from the head as they will just be thrown away.

So we decided to take them one time, figuring I hate sushi but love tuna steaks so we will kabob the loins and grill them.


Sushi is sushi for a reason.  This stuff is so full of oil that once they lit, they weren't going out.  Looked like I was having a tire fire in the backyard.  My neighbor actually came into the backyard to make sure the back of my garage wasn't on fire,lol.  I'm talking about black, black smoke.  Lesson learned.


fishing user avatarChris at Tech reply : 

...we're gonna need a bigger boat...


fishing user avatarslomoe reply : 

cool pics! ;)

fishing user avatarroadwarrior reply : 

So, what did that tuna weigh?

fishing user avatarDavis reply : 

Being from the Great Lakes region I have never really thought about Tuna and there size.

I always thought they were walleye sized.

Guess I learn something every day. Wow.  :o

fishing user avatarbass109 reply : 

great fish Low_Budget_Hookers ;D

fishing user avatarLow_Budget_Hooker reply : 
So, what did that tuna weigh?

That one was 711 but we get paid on the dressed weight.  Dressed it was 530 lbs

fishing user avatarburleytog reply : 

Surprised that tuna didn't have you for dinner.  ;) ;D

fishing user avatarroadwarrior reply : 


fishing user avatarRedlinerobert reply : 

Looking at that fish is making me hungry.  Time for some sushi. :)

fishing user avatarDavid P reply : 
Looking at that fish is making me hungry.  Time for some sushi. :)


Sushi = Nasty!

fishing user avatarJake. reply : 

I've tried and tried again to like sushi, but I just can't seem to get over the rawish taste.  :-[

fishing user avatarSPEEDBEAD. reply : 
...we're gonna need a bigger boat...


Hmm....seen that somewhere before   ;)

fishing user avatarReelLifeOnline reply : 

That's awsome. It's so great to have pictures of that.... I never would have believed that was even possible to be that big!

fishing user avatarjeremyt reply : 


Awesome giant, what is the average size for a catch up in New England. I think we average around 600 here, until late winter when they catch  all they want in a day, under sized though. My fishing crews best luck has been on the down lines about 2-5ft off the bottom, not many are caught off the top.  I am not one to eat  the giants, but I will take some yellowfin sashimi any day of the week.

fishing user avatarLow_Budget_Hooker reply : 

Reellife- They get a lot bigger than that!!  slobs up to 1100 lbs have been taken off Stellwagen Bank.

Jeremy- It depends, the come around in schools of similar size (not always, but often)  That year, there were a lot of 500-800 lb butterballs.  Nice plump, rockets.  The yr after, the fish avg was larger but the fat contents weren't as good.  Our avg would probably be similar to yours.  

fishing user avatarStatosDadRI reply : 
Surprised that tuna didn't have you for dinner. ;) ;D

LBH always goes out of his way to get a fish, What he didnt tell you was he was the bait. 10/0 hook right threw his back WACKY Style.

I still have the bobber they used. ;D

fishing user avatarjerbs reply : 


fishing user avatarguest reply : 

big deal skinny, I got 10 times that  :P


fishing user avatarskillet reply : 


 You said that most Capt. take those loins because they are mostly Grade B. Do they usually turn out the same way yours did :P when cooked? Is Grade B inferior to the rest of the fish? My daughter lived in the Keys and said if you ever ate fresh Tuna you'd never have anything else (she likes sushi though). Living in Memphis I know the steaks we get are anything but "fresh", they are still the best fish I've ever had on the grill...

                                  As Ever,


fishing user avatarLow_Budget_Hooker reply : 

avid- Very funny-touche

skillet- That's the misconception right there.  I was thinking, Heck, I love a good tuna steak, if there's meat left over, I'll take it.  What I didn't realize was that Bluefin and yellowfin are drastically different.  Bluefin is ONLY used for sushi because it is Sooooo full of oil, via the fat.  The more fat/oil, the better the grade.  ALL MEANT TO BE EATEN RAW!!  Other captains (who are evidently sushi lovers),...know this.  I didn't.

fishing user avatarbassnleo reply : 

So is that a bluefin or yellow fin?

I caught one.......once...... took a 1/2 day charter while vacationing in the keys. It was waaay smaller than that horse but man was it tasty!! To this day my wife won't eat fish, the fresh tuna steaks we had ruined her!

fishing user avatarLow_Budget_Hooker reply : 

That is a "Giant Bluefin"

If you had steaks, you more than likely, had a Yellowfin.  AWESOME steaks, one of my favorites.

The Giant Bluefin are used strictly for Sushi, they have an extremely high fat/oil content.

fishing user avatarMatthys reply : 

Huge 8-)Get more! ;)


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