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Rayburn lately???? 2024

fishing user avatarbigtimfish reply : 

I am going to big sam on saturday, and was wondering about the conditions of the lake. Water clarity, temps, were to fish and what they are hitting on. I have not fished there in a few months and have not heard any news. I was thinking about Brushy and Tiger creek for starters.

fishing user avatarfishfordollars reply : 

Lake is clear and 5' low. Water temp is in the low 70s.

You can catch fish early or on cloudy days on frogs, buzzbaits, traps,  and spinnerbaits around the grass. When the sun gets out fish the outer edges of the grass with plastics and jigs. There are some fish out on the deeper ledges in 18-22' of water that you can catch on a c-rig. Fish the points and pockets going back half way and stay around the grass.

I have fish located in Harvey, West side of the Black Forrest, back of Veech, and down in the Coleman area.

Where are you putting in? Let me know and I will try to put you on a few in that area..


fishing user avatarHitmanFO reply : 

I fished out of Caney Creek two weekends ago, in the cove right to south of the boat ramp, and the next cove over from Churchhouse cove, again south of Caney Creek.  Came up with one keeper and a few dinks, fishing worms, Tx-rig and wacky (only fished for about 2 hours).  Had some nice blow-ups on buzz baits, but never hung one.  I'm going to go back and fish that side again... thinking of fishing the flats heading right into the main lake there and heading north toward 147 to hit the coves along the west side there (based upon conversations with friends that have fished Rayburn successfully).

What would you do coming out of Caney Creek, Jack?  That weekend was the first time I'd ever fished Rayburn.

Catt made a statement on his Toledo post that I'm thinking about... he said he fishes the main lake early in the morning, instead of the hitting the coves early like most other people do, since the main lake is less windy in the morning.  In the past few issues of the Lakecaster many anglers are saying they fished "main lake grass in 12' of water", with jigs, DD22's, and worms... I'm thinking about heading out there and finding some grass early on and trying it out, instead of fishing the coves first thing.

fishing user avatarfishfordollars reply : 


Come out of the ramp and round the point heading back into big Caney. Stay out toward the middle of the bay and watch your depthfinder. 2/3s of the way back, after crossing the roadbed start watching for the creek channel. You will be in 10-14' of water. Start watching for the grass to show at about 12'. As soon as you hit the channel(It is not hard to locate) start with traps, jigs and cranks. Work your way toward the major point in the back on the north side of the pocket. When you get about 50 yards from the point cut the boat due south and fish the humps that you will come across. They are loaded with grass and the better fish will be on the deeper sides toward the ditches. There are a lot of humps and ridges out in this area that get overlooked. Everyone seems to want to run in and fish the very back of the pocket with the creeks that are there. Water is very shallow in the back so stay out several hundred yards. You will catch larger fish out away from the shallower humps. As for the road bed, it gets lots of pressure and there is a bridge located out in the middle of the bay that always produces. This road bed runs down the westernside of the lake to Sandy creek, so every pocket on the western side will have it and either a bridge or culvert area that hold fish.

Hit the point that has the church steps on it(They are out of the water). The point runs directly at Coleman bay on the other side of the lake. It has a well defined creek running off the north side of it that is easily followed. There will be no grass off the north side of this point, but the fish stack up about 50-75 yards offshore on the break. It has a large brushtop(Mine) that is sitting in12-15' of water just about 40 yards off the church steps. Position your boat on the north side of the steps and line up with the big willow on the south point below the steps and move due east, you will run across it.

Coming out of the ramp run north to the first pocket on the west side just south of the Black Forrest. It is full of grass. Fish both points with cranks, plastics, and a jig. You can only go half way in due to the depth and the grass. The south side is the deeper side. concentrate on the north point setting up 30-40 yards offshore in about 10-12 foot of water. If you decide to go in early you may pick off several good fish on a top water. I lost a very large fish in this pocket nine days ago and caught several over 4 the other day.

Don't forget to fish the long underwater point the you motor out around as you move into Big Caney. Just put the trolling motor down and work your way out it. Lots of good fish caught off this point and the hogback that is located on the northern point coming out of the ramp.

Feel free to call me and I will help you out. I have cordinates on some humps that have fish on them.

Good luck,


281 224-8853 Cell

fishing user avatarHitmanFO reply : 

GREAT post... much more than I would have dared ask you for.  I'm going to print this out, look at some maps, and stash it in the boat for the next t

fishing user avatarfishfordollars reply : 

Sandy is a long way down the lake from Caney. You sure you wern't up in Plum? That's the first large creek below Caney. It has a creek that cuts back north out of it about 300 yards from the mouth.

If you went into that creek just north of the big point with all the pine trees on it about a mile south of Caney that's Plum Creek.

you should have fished all the smaller creeks and pockets just to the south of the Church steps. Lots of fish come out of there. If everyone was fishing the banks you would have done just as well to move out and fish the middle of the pockets with a c-rig and a DT16, and a trap.

Just a thought. Let's get together and I will pinpoint those humps and ridges just south of Caney Creek flats for you.

fishing user avatarHitmanFO reply : 

Looking at a map online, I was fishing the biggest cove between Big Caney and Parker Point.  It has a creek that flows into it called Sandy Creek.  The next named place from what I am calling Sandy Creek, heading toward the dam, is Parker Point.  Then there is the Sandy Creek Recreation Area, and then Plum Creek is just another cove further toward the dam than Sandy Creek Recreation Area.  I know I definitely was not down that far.

I was told that Rayburn actually has 3 Sandy Creeks that flow into it, so maybe I'm calling it Sandy Creek when it is not actually named, or maybe goes by a different name... it has a Sandy Creek flowing into it, so that's why I called it that!  If you know the correct name, please let me know!  It was only my 2nd time to be on Rayburn.

Here are the coordinates, per Google Maps: 31.111593,-94.226604.  You can just cut and paste these coords into a Google Maps search bar and it'll show up.

fishing user avatarHitmanFO reply : 

Just picked up a H-N-L map for Rayburn at lunch today. I checked the cove where we fished and it is number 1, Fire Tower Cove, just two coves north of Parker Point. It does have a "Sandy Creek" flowing into it.  Soooooo.... sorry for the confusion, guys!


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