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wood crankbaits 2024

fishing user avatarguest reply : 

The Tacklemaking section is the first stop I make when coming to Bassressource, some of the work displayed here is fantastic. Kbkindle, keithscatch and Jasone to name a few really do some fine work.

Since I make crankbaits also I am well aware of the work and time that goes into each bait.

Although I usually make bass baits, I do make a few on a little larger scale. Here is one of my Musky jerkbaits, 5" Bluegill with brass hardware.


fishing user avatarTHEbassmaster reply : 

nice looking lure! the fish wont be able to tell that from the real thing. i make some pike baits, but i make jointed ones. my first jointed one got my pb pike, and the next cast, it probably would have had my pb LM bass too, but it threw it on the second jump. i am in the process of making a double jointed one, all i need now is to paint and epoxy. i will post it when it is done.


fishing user avatarKeithscatch reply : 

Nicely done Whittler. I enjoy looking at your lures and think your site is nice too. Good work for good prices. Definitely not over charging for your baits.

Keep it up.

fishing user avatarjasone reply : 

Another great lure Whittler, as always!  

I appreciate the compliment as well.

I am curious as to your technique with the finish.  Mind sharing?


fishing user avatarguest reply : 

Thanks for the compilments on my bait gentelmen, coming from fellow luremakers makes it even more special.

Jasone,  the bluegill bait is done with a photo much like foiling a bait. The biggest problem with the photo process, at least for me, is I am having trouble finding a paper that won't fuzz up when the top-coat is applied.

fishing user avatarguest reply : 

One more photo finish bait, this bait uses a whitefish photo.


fishing user avatarkbkindle reply : 

hey those are looking good   how do you get the gill pattern so good. i have tryed a real fineline pen but cant get them to look as good as yours    kb :-?  

fishing user avatarguest reply : 

Kb, the finish is done with a photograph, the better the picture the more detail.

We should get together and swap ideas sometime, we can't live more than a couple hours apart.


fishing user avatarthomas reply : 

Hey Whittler,

How do you use a photo to paint or cover the lure? Also, that letter I sent you a month ago, found it under my wife's floor mat while cleaning her car the other day. She said she forgot to send it. Well, I did send it out yesterday. I feel like a jerk. Sorry John.


fishing user avatarguest reply : 

Thomas, don't feel too bad, sometimes I think if it were not for mistakes I would not accomplish anything.

The photo finish baits are made by, at least my procedure, sealing the shaped lure then using contact cement the picture is glue on and burnished to fit the body. After the glue cures a coat of epoxy is applied and when it cures the back and belly are painted and blended in. 2 more coats of epoxy and you done.

fishing user avatarthomas reply : 


Sure seem's like a lot work, but that's what makes you the best. Also, I found a shop the sells Lexan plastic. They want $40.00 for a 3 ft. X 3 ft. piece. That sound about right? :-/


fishing user avatarguest reply : 

Thomas, I'm lucky in the fact that a local glass shop the owner is a fisherman and saves me a lot of Lexan scraps. If he cuts a round window from sheet stock there is a lot of waste, unless you are a bait maker, then it is crankbait lips. Price is about right for genuine Lexan, there are a lot of lips in a 3" by 3' piece.

fishing user avatarKeithscatch reply : 

What do you guys use to cut out your lips with? Band saw? Just curious.


fishing user avatarguest reply : 

Keithscatch, I cut my lips on the bandsaw and trim them with the disc sander. Usually I stack them and cut 4 to 8 at a time depending on the type of bait being made and the material used, Lexan or circuit board.

fishing user avatarD.James reply : 

Thanks for the compilments on my bait gentelmen, coming from fellow luremakers makes it even more special.

Jasone, the bluegill bait is done with a photo much like foiling a bait. The biggest problem with the photo process, at least for me, is I am having trouble finding a paper that won't fuzz up when the top-coat is applied.

Hey whittler, looking good! :D

I started building my own 4-5 months ago, just did my first batch of photo finished ones here this week-


- At any rate, regarding your issue of 'hairing' up, I'm using dollar store tissue, giving it a thin coat of polyurathane after the glue has dried. Then I blend the seams, then top coat with epoxy. Abosolutely no hair.

fishing user avatarKeithscatch reply : 

Looking good D. James. This is addicting isn't it? I can't wait to get my move finished so I can make a few more lures.

fishing user avatarTriton9 reply : 

those baits look really good, great attention to detail! :D

fishing user avatarCJ reply : 

Whittler,those photo lures look good.I don't visit this forum as much during the season.I am gonna have to come around more often.I will be back at it this winter though.

BTW,I caught a good un' on one of those monster cranks I got from you.I painted it rootbeer and now I am gonna have to paint it again.E-tech lite don't like to get hot.It got rough up a little.On another note the foil bluegill was hot for awhile too.Your work is diffenantly proven!

fishing user avatarBASS fisherman reply : 

Great work as always, keep up the good work!

fishing user avatarBigOleLunker reply : 

those are some goodlooking baits there,i made one myself,but i didnt put no weight in it,and it floats on it's side,i wonder how much weight i need in it

fishing user avatarSean_e_bus_21 reply : 

Wow Wittler these are some beautiful handmade lures

I think i might be interested in buying one



fishing user avatarfisherguy12 reply : 

i agree with sean. those are real nice

fishing user avatarBman reply : 

Whittle, You said you use a photo for the bluegill bait. Where or how did get a photo? I don't understand that part.

fishing user avatarguest reply : 

Bman, go to google images and ask for the fish you want, then select the picture you want. I use Picture It to edit the picture and size it to the size of the bait. After sizing it to the bait make a mirror image so you have a right and left side and print it. Using contact cement mount the picture to the bait using a dowel to burnish it on. Paint the belly and back, top-coat and your done.


fishing user avatarBucketmouthAngler13 reply : 

How much does it cost to have a photo finnish done?

fishing user avatarBman reply : 

Whittle, thanks for the info! That's too cool.


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