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My latest Imaged/airbrushed lures 2024

fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 

DSCN3631 (4).JPG

DSCN3632 (4).JPG


DSCN3631 (3).JPG

DSCN3631 (2).JPG

DSCN3631 (6).JPG

fishing user avatarAngry John reply : 

I like them, want to paint an swaiver for me?????

fishing user avatar68camaro reply : 


fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 
  On 11/14/2017 at 8:18 PM, 68camaro said:


Wish I still had my 67 RS/SS 396/325 four speed :(

fishing user avatar68camaro reply : 
  On 11/14/2017 at 11:07 PM, Comfortably Numb said:

Wish I still had my 67 RS/SS 396/325 four speed :(

We all had one that got away and wished we had back. You checked all the boxes on your 67:


First year first gen camaro - check

4 speed - check

Big block - check

RS - check

SS - check


Must of been a lot of fun to drive......

fishing user avatarMunkin reply : 

Looks good, I need to give my airbrush another chance. 



fishing user avatarsoflabasser reply : 

Well done

fishing user avatarweekend_hooker reply : 

What kind of paint are you using?

fishing user avatarMunkin reply : 

Just dug out my airbrush stuff to give it another shot. 



fishing user avatarburrows reply : 

They look really cool, nice job.

fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 

Thanks. I use mostly Createx thinned with tap water.


Here are a couple natural perch I am playin with.






fishing user avatarRatherbfishing reply : 

(Almost) too beautiful to be fished.  These belong in a museum.  

fishing user avatarthinkingredneck reply : 

Amazing work!

fishing user avatarLooking for the big one reply : 

@Comfortably Numb

Do you find that Vision 110 blank fishes as well as the original, and if so where could one find it?

fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 

I use the Predator 110 blanks and they are really good quality and suspend well. They fish very similar to real one. I am not a tourney guy so close enough for me.

fishing user avatarJ Francho reply : 

I like those craw patterns.

fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 
  On 12/16/2017 at 2:45 AM, J Francho said:

I like those craw patterns.

Thanks. Those are genuine DT10's

DSCN3632 (2).JPG

fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 

Holographic silver.


fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 

This should catch some. Genuine Xcaliber XRK100


Ghost Holographic Gill and Crappie






fishing user avatarDirtyeggroll reply : 



You’ve got talent!

fishing user avatarTom Bohrer reply : 

Great paint jobs, what do you use as a clear coat?

fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 

Ty. Bob Smith 30 min epoxy

fishing user avatarhaggard reply : 

Amazing work. I started making my own lures (mostly worms) out of wire and beads, and the results are more amusing than anything else.



Nice job!


fishing user avatarBurke reply : 

Nice work ! 


Once I get a house with a man cave. Airbrush is something that I will be looking into.


fishing user avatarteamhillbilly2012 reply : 

Nice work,I guess some of you have that gift.I'm just not one of those.:huh:

fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 

Ghost Shad

DSCN0123 (2).JPG

fishing user avatarTroy85 reply : 

Nice!  Every time you update this post with pics it makes me want to start painting my own baits.  I'm just afraid I'd spend all that money only to have them look like a 5 year old painted them with finger paint.

fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 

Few new ones I thought you might like to see.





DSCN0224 (3).JPG

DSCN0223 (2).JPG

DSCN0218 (2).JPG

DSCN0231 (2).JPG



DSCN0226 (3).JPG


fishing user avatarGundog reply : 
  On 4/13/2018 at 9:14 PM, Comfortably Numb said:

Few new ones I thought you might like to see.




Those are so cool looking. 

fishing user avatarDangerfield reply : 

how do you like the action on the S-Crank?

fishing user avatarKDW96 reply : 

Very nice!! Ive been thinking on trying the airbrush, now youve gone and created another hobby for me. You definatley have a talent :)

fishing user avatarshootermcbob reply : 

Great work! all your baits look incredible. 



fishing user avatarPaul Roberts reply : 

Oh my! Wonderful!

fishing user avatarCoonedawg reply : 

Those are beautiful. I'd love to have a few. 

fishing user avatarComfortably Numb reply : 

Top is a shad image.


Blades are all paint. 




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